Addition to the André Rieu story.

Thursday 13 July 2006 at 21:41 (André Rieu)

When looking to the TV, I saw on the local TV channels the interview with André Rieu and his son Pierre.

Obviously the conversation with Pierre is more about the technical part.

The interview with André is way longer…
The things he said were about the show, recalling a problem of last year and comparing it with now, how the stage will be build and more stuff.

Some people think that this year the show is not as good as last year. Most point to the camera’s that were present last year, and now there are not as many camera’s.
Some think that the show will be similar as last year (even somebody who supposed to sell the tickets said that to me… imagine that!).
André said in the interview that these persons are wrong… He said: “If the shows would be the same or less spectecular than another show, the show is not good.”
He shurely does want to give a good show to the people.

The problem last year, was about building up the stage and removing it after the concert. The trucks were to heavy and damaged the ground of the Vrijthof. Beneath the Vrijthof is a parking, which has been remade not too long ago.
It would seem that this year the same problem is there again. Yet they will not get any problem with it. The gouvenerment of this town sees that it is not a good ground, so other solutions will be figured out.

In the interview he mentioned the stage. It was build by a company, which had to quit. So André bought the stage.
“I am the proud owner of a lot metal.” he said and started to laugh.


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Time to waste… what should we do…

Thursday 13 July 2006 at 0:44 (André Rieu, Events)

No school…
For almost 2 weeks no work (yay!)…
And some days that there is nothing planned…

Those days are the best days to really waste.
Doing nothing or nothing really usefull.

Or in my case… do most of the day nothing usefull.

At least the morning and evening/night is wasting time.

In the afternoon I did a little bit cleaning my room… it still was a mess since the desk has moved from one side of my room to the other side.
After cleaning my room I started to play a few games.

Around 3:00 PM (or 15:00) I thought “Lets go to town.”
To shop? No way. I already did that the other day.

This weekend (14th to 16th of July) André Rieu will give a concert in his hometown (Maastricht).
What a coincidence… I live in Maastricht and it is almost 14th of July.

So what did I do in the town?
Staring to the workers, who are building the the stage where André Rieu with the Johann Strauss Orchestra will be standing (and playing… duh!) this weekend.

It is amazing…. seeing a lot of metal, parts of the decorations, guys working, a lot equipment that gets brought in via trucks and all.
Yet I was a bit disapointed when I looked to the decorations…

The decoration
Same decoration as last year…

Yet the day wasn’t a total loss…
I hoped that when I’d go to town, I could see either André Rieu or his son Pierre from a distance.
Luckaly not very long after I arrived, I saw both of them.

The local TV was having an interview with André Rieu.
Does he know this picture was taken of him?

And they also had an interview with Pierre (André’s son).

So I saw what I wanted to see…
And stared long to the complex metal construction that will be constructed to the stage for the next weekend.

Too bad that I am gone this weekend and that the tickets are expencive. Otherwise I shurely would have been present again, just like last year…

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School done… now what?

Friday 30 June 2006 at 1:49 (Events)

Another school-year has passed…

This time it was diffirent, since this year we did the final exams.
(Yeah… just working for 2 years to get the diploma).

Because of the exams, some events in town, a trip to a amusements-park and a birthday of a friend/classmate, it was a really crowded time.

Working on the exams was the priority matter… but only working on those exams won’t do anybody any good.

Especially the last two weeks needed many breaks.
Therefore I was very glad that the 18Th of June a Samba event was in Maastricht.

2 Samba Bands

Why Samba?
Because it has a good rhythm.

Yes… after hearing sevral Samba bands, you have heard them all… They do look alike…

There is a difference between them when you listen very careful.
And my favorite Samba Band would be:



I’ll probably will make a page about them here soon. But till that time, just wait patiently.

After this Samba event, we had to do 1 week more exams… Those were really annoying… especially the last one.
But I bet you prefer not to hear about school and its exams.

The next Friday a friend of mine celebrates his birthday. It is obvious that I had to go to his party.
The party was really great… only too bad that I had to go with 3 other guys way to early… (stupid train).
On the train station we said goodbye to 1 of these guys.
The other 2 guys also had to go to the same town… so that was fun in the train.

Try making a guy with a lot SARCASM, with the hobbies CURSING and NAGGING to laugh. Believe me, it really was a funny thing to do.
Even before we arrived at our place, we got him to laugh.

When we arrives we had to say goodbye to him.
The last guy and I live pretty near… So we could laugh somewhat more.
We had to walk home, since we missed the last bus.

When we came on a crossing, we saw that the road was blocked. This was for a National cycling tournament or something. Because of that we had to walk even further.

Always fun when I had no alcohol at all and the other guy had sevral beers at the party.
We both had as much fun.

Suddenly he sat down on the road. No car could come there because of the blockades… so it was safe enough to sit down.
He said: “I always wanted to sit down here. Come, sit down.”
I smiled and replied: “No, it is not good for my skirt.”
He replied without thinking: “Nor for mine.”
Both of us started to laugh.

I actually don’t want to imagine him in a skirt sitting down there.

Pretty late I arrived at home…
Since it was weekend it is ok, you might think.


The morning after that I had to wake up early to go to the amusements-park Efteling.
It was no problem to wake up. It was no problem to be there. The way back home could have been a bit better…

But the worst thing was that I had to work in the Swimming pool that Sunday.


But I have survived that.

How the exams went?
I passed.
So next year I will be in a more specific education of ICT.

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Blogging time for JoMa!

Monday 5 June 2006 at 16:03 (Introduction)

Now the time has come for JoMa to tell her stories of all sorts of things…

JoMa's DoMe is my place to share things with the world.

Soon my first entry will come…

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